Are The Complexities of Event Planning Slowing Down Your Entrepreneurial Plans?

Organizing an Effective Meeting or Professional Event Can Be a Frustrating and Time-Consuming Project That May Not Always Achieve The Results You Intended.

Dear Friend,

JenniferDent Events is a professional event planning service that specializes in offering informative and interactive events that add value to the lives of every attendee.

Our first event "Would You Marry You?" sold out in a matter of hours and was met with resoundingly positive feedback.

Now, you too can create events with the same confidence of success.

My name is Jennifer Dent, the CEO of "JenniferDent Events" one of the premier event planning companies in the Philadelphia-metro area.

I know your concern...

No matter the event, there are certain elements that make the difference between an OK event and one that people can't stop talking about... it is all about proper execution.

Some events just flop because of poor execution, and it is not because you planned it that way. In fact you did your best to make it work... You could have even sworn that you took care of every single detail... BUT on the day of the event, things didn't go as planned.

Event planning is not luck... It required a certain skill, one that you can learn today so that your next event is the talk of the town.

Here's what's going on...

We have been helping people plan successful events for years now, and we really love what we do. However we realize that we can't reach everyone because of geography, so based on popular demand we have create a powerful guide called ...

"Create an Exceptional Event: Your Seven Step Guide to Planning an Event With Ease" – a start-to-finish eBook that outlines the tested methods of event planning used by JenniferDent Events.

People pay good money to get this information, and for a limited time, we would like to share it with you.

Keep reading...

...and you'll find out more about how "Create an Exceptional Event: Your Seven Step Guide to Planning an Event With Ease" can help jump-start your professional event planning.

Inside you'll find out ...


How to eliminate the burden of uncertainty and the wastefulness of ineffective planning practices.

Create an Exceptional Event will teach you the detailed steps to host a professional-quality event in a concise, easy to understand manner. In just 23 pages you’ll learn about:

  • The Plan – As the proverb goes: “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Without a proper blueprint, your event will fall apart before it even begins. CEE will point out the necessary considerations you should make before launching any event.
  • The Venue – Most people only figure out some of the more obscure points of venue selection when things go wrong mid-event. CEE includes all the pertinent aspects worth thinking about, that have been compiled by pro event planners over hundreds of trial and error venue selections.
  • The BudgetCEE is full of tips to keep you on budget and on track without sacrificing the quality of your event.
  • The Announcement – What good is a meticulously planned event without attendance? CEE features multiple foolproof methods for drawing a big crowd.
  • The Value - How is your event special? Why would anyone care to attend? Because you’ve added value, an essential step in making any event “can’t miss.” CEE will show you how to examine your event from a unique angle to discover innovative and clever ways to make a lasting impression among your clients.
  • The Implementation – Event planning is all about careful planning and problem solving on the fly. CEE presents you with invaluable tools for selecting a capable event planning team and managing your time effectively during the execution. Preparation is the key, but having effective backups in place is a necessity.
  • The Follow Up – So you’ve pulled off a successful event with the help of the CEE eBook, but your work isn’t over yet. The follow up is the most important part of expanding your client base for every subsequent event you host. CEE includes all the relevant information to convert your clients, attendees and leads into beneficial resources for the future.

There is more...


As a bonus, Create an Exceptional Event also includes a series of free templates and event forms – an incredible resource (and value) for those putting on their first event, or for a seasoned event planner looking to expand into more complex proceedings! Unprepared event planners have wasted thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours without this information, but now you don’t have to.

Roslyn believes "JenniferDent Events" is a great asset

“JenniferDent Events is a great asset to any project and brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. Their positive outlook and ability to ascertain measurable results has always been remarkable.”

Roslyn Bazzelle, Creator, PIYOLET

You have nothing to lose...

Are you ready to make your
next event a memorable one?

You don't need to risk it! Each event is unique and you don't have a second chance.

I'm not saying this to scare you, but one seemingly minor missed detail, can turn into annoyances and even become a major challenge which can make you cancel the event.

However... Those “Event Planners” who are armed with a proper action plan, like the one I provide to you, will always be prepared to plan exciting events over and over again.

The truth is that even the simplest of events require proper planning, preparation and follow up.

Don't be the next victim of a Lack Luster event

Download Create an Exceptional Event: Your Seven Step Guide to Planning an Event With Ease today for only $9.97

That's a price of a pizza...

Some consider it the best resource you’ll need to launch the event you always hoped to plan.

To your next successful event...

Jennifer Dent

Click the link below for instant access.

PS: Don't let this amazing resource pass you by... remember I'm only giving away a few copies and then will take it down for good.



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